Frequently Asked Questions

Is switching to solar really cheaper?

Typical savings are upwards of 50% on your current utility bill. Imagine what you could do with all that extra $$$. We will show you exactly how you save money. Get a quote today!

Does it cost money to switch to solar energy?

There is little to no upfront cost depending on what you choose to do. We will help you tailor the perfect solar system for your home's energy needs. Your choices range from purchasing power, leasing a system, or buying a system.

How does Solar Energy work?
Do I need to maintain my roof and system?

Each licensed install company is legally required to fix any install-related roof damage for ten years. They are also mandated to maintain system repairs for up to ten years unless you purchased the system and own it outright. In this case, you would be responsible for maintaining the system.

What will happen if I decide to sell my home?

The system will stay on the home and we will transfer the title to the new homeowner. Like any home renovation, this can increase the value of your home!

How do I know if solar energy will work on my home?

We will visit your property to conduct an on-site survey and determine if your home is compatible. Typically we check the roof size, and direction, if there is shade cast on your roof from other homes or trees, the stability of your roof, and the electrical wiring. You can leave the hard work to us, just give us a call!

Solar panels collect energy from the sun during the day and convert it into usable electricity. The electricity flows from the panels, into the new meter or battery, and then finally into your home.

Do solar panels work on any type of roof?

There are solar panel options for a variety of roof types. Some include; Comp Shingle, Flat Cement Tile, Round Cement Tile, Clay Tile, Rolled Comp, TPO/Membrane, Tar and Gravel & Wood Shake. Don't think your roof is a fit? No problem. We also offer ground mount systems, custom patio builds, and custom carport builds!

Have more questions?

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